The Cardiovascular MedTech Co-operative is hosted by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with King’s College London University, which is developing new medical technologies for patients suffering from narrowed coronary arteries, heart rhythm problems, reduced heart pump function, narrow heart valves, and heart disease in children. These fit in with our five themes, identified as areas of unmet need in cardiovascular disease: atherosclerosis, cardiac arrhythmias, heart failure, structural heart disease and paediatric technologies.

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Our Key Aims:

Our Approach

The aim of the MedTech Co-operative is to identify, encourage and facilitate the development of new medical devices and technology driven solutions for patient benefit; addressing areas of clinical unmet need in cardiovascular disease. MedTech Co-operative staff facilitate collaborations between clinicians, researchers, industry and patients to develop novel technology led solutions and expedite translation to the clinic. The MedTech Co-operative is working across NIHR infrastructure and the innovation landscape. 

The NIHR Cardiovascular MedTech Co-operative strategy comprises of: 

  1. Providing small amounts of funding to enable proof of concept projects which generate pilot data to be used to support more substantial grant funding applications and translation activities.
  2. Establishing Research Associate or Clinical Research Fellow position (reviewed annually) to expedite the progression of key projects and implement clinical studies.

We intend to expand and strengthen the strong academic and clinical networks in cardiovascular technologies that are fostering dialogue between clinicians, academic and industrial experts and encourage researchers and companies, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), within the field to work together to develop medical device and technology driven healthcare solutions for the future.

We are continuing with our strong tradition of engaging with patients and the public to increase the review of and participation and understanding of cutting edge research. We have a patient advisory group supporting the governance of our MedTech Co-operative and through a combination of our patient and public involvement groups, web-based information dissemination and more engagement activities, we hope to show the benefits of new research, technologies and impact for the NHS.

An overview of our strategy and the infrastructure support that the MedTech Co-operative provides is shown below. Our ultimate aim is for NHS patients to benefit from nationwide implementation of new cardiovascular medical technologies

The strategy triangle highlights our key stakeholder engagement activities. The arrow represents the primary stages of the innovation pipeline we support.