The Cardiovascular MedTech Co-operative hosts annual ‘pump prime’ funding competitions. The aim is to prime new research projects with a focus on clinical / academic / industry collaborations to secure further external funding and support translation activities. We aim to facilitate the increase in new intellectual property and implementation of cardiovascular medical devices and healthcare technologies. 

Although funds provided are typically under £15,000, our current pump-priming initiative has been extremely successful in our former NIHR Healthcare Technology Co-operative. The funds were used by some researchers to obtain pilot data that helped leverage millions of pounds in external grant funding and industry support. Below are links to some previous success stories routed in this funding stream.

Perfusion Phantom

3D Printed Hearts

If you are interested in collaborating with the Cardiovascular MedTech Co-operative, we encourage you to consider pump prime funding as a vehicle.

We are aiming to launch our first annual pump prime funding call in February 2019 so stay tuned!